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A Florida Police Officer Draws His Gun and Runs for Cover After an Acorn Hits a Car!


CNS NewsIn Kissimmee, Florida, Deputy Jesse Hernandez made headlines when he emptied his firearm after being startled by a falling acorn while responding to a call at McLaren Circle in November 2023. The incident, captured on body camera footage and widely shared on social media, raised questions about the response of law enforcement officers in high-pressure situations.

Hernandez, attending to a call in the area, reacted abruptly when an acorn struck the roof of his squad car. Mistakenly believing he was under fire, he discharged all the bullets from his gun, each aimed at his vehicle. The situation escalated when Sergeant Beth Roberts, believing Hernandez was under attack, also fired her weapon.

Marquis Jackson, accused of stealing his girlfriend’s car, was in the back of the police cruiser during the incident. Despite being handcuffed, Jackson became the target of Hernandez’s mistaken belief that shots were being fired at him. In interviews following the incident, Roberts explained that she thought she was witnessing Hernandez being killed.

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Hernandez, however, stated during the investigation that he did not recall seeing any signs of gunfire or damage to his vehicle. The acorn falling onto the roof was caught on his body camera footage, raising questions about the level of threat perceived. Hernandez reported feeling a “tingliness” along his body after hearing the acorn fall, leading to his belief that he had been seriously injured.

This sensation, combined with a feeling of weakness in his legs, caused him to collapse to the ground. The subsequent investigation found that the sound of an acorn falling did not justify Hernandez’s decision to discharge his weapon. As a result, Hernandez resigned from the force during the inquiry.

A Florida Police Officer Draws His Gun and Runs for Cover After an Acorn Hits a Car!

The incident highlights the importance of training and readiness for law enforcement officers, particularly in high-stress situations where split-second decisions can have serious consequences. It also raises questions about the use of force and the need for officers to accurately assess threats before taking action.

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