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House Panel Acquires Texts Allegedly Showing Gaetz Organizing 2017 Florida Keys Trip with Woman Paid for Sex by Associate!


CNS NewsInvestigators from the Congressional House Ethics Committee have reportedly obtained text messages showing that shortly after joining Congress, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz solicited a young woman, alleged to have received payments for sex from Gaetz’s acquaintance Joel Greenberg, to accompany him on a three-day trip to the Florida Keys in May 2017.

According to the described text messages, Gaetz allegedly messaged the woman, who was over 21 at the time, asking if she would be interested in joining the trip. The messages indicate Gaetz mentioned the involvement of “2 guys, 4 girls. A very high-quality adventurous group.” The woman reportedly responded affirmatively to Gaetz’s proposal.

In subsequent messages, Gaetz allegedly assured the woman that spending time with him would be enjoyable and relaxed, adding, “You have a passport?” However, sources reveal that the woman ultimately declined the invitation. These messages, if authenticated, represent the first documented instance of direct private communication between Gaetz and a woman whom Greenberg informed investigators he had compensated for sexual encounters with other men.

It remains unclear whether Gaetz was aware of Greenberg’s alleged payments to the woman. A spokesperson for Gaetz denied any knowledge of Greenberg’s activities and asserted Gaetz’s innocence, stating, “Rep. Gaetz has never paid for sex.” The spokesperson further claimed Gaetz’s unfamiliarity with the woman mentioned in the text messages.

Members of the House Ethics Committee declined to comment on the matter. Furthermore, sources briefed on the issue disclosed that a photograph featuring Gaetz and the woman has been submitted to the committee. The photo, dated May 19, 2017, reportedly depicts the woman smiling alongside Gaetz, who is depicted wearing a shirt bearing the quote, “If you think research is expensive, try disease,” attributed to health activist Mary W. Lasker.

Additionally, financial records reviewed by ABC News indicate that the woman had previously received payments from Greenberg, purportedly for engaging in sexual activities with Greenberg’s acquaintances at parties. Joel Greenberg, a former Seminole County tax collector, pleaded guilty to several federal offenses, including sex trafficking of a minor, and provided crucial testimony in the Justice Department’s investigation into allegations against Gaetz.

The DOJ ultimately decided not to pursue charges against Gaetz related to the case. The House Ethics Committee initiated an inquiry into Gaetz’s conduct in April 2021, pausing its investigation until the DOJ concluded its probe. Subsequently, the committee resumed its inquiry in the summer of that year.

Gaetz has consistently denied any wrongdoing and accused the Ethics Committee of targeting him unjustly as retribution for his role in former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal from office. Recently, the Ethics Committee has intensified its investigation into Gaetz, focusing on allegations of sexual impropriety, drug use, and potential lobbying violations.

House Panel Acquires Texts Allegedly Showing Gaetz Organizing 2017 Florida Keys Trip with Woman Paid for Sex by Associate!

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Sources familiar with the committee’s activities indicate that investigators have reached out to multiple witnesses, including Greenberg and Gaetz’s former girlfriend. The committee has also looked into allegations surrounding a separate trip Gaetz reportedly took to the Bahamas in 2018 with women whom Greenberg purportedly paid for sexual services.

Investigators are exploring whether Gaetz received travel and entertainment benefits in exchange for political favors. As of now, it remains uncertain whether the text messages regarding the planned 2017 Florida Keys trip have been examined by federal investigators.

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