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A Man Was Caught and Charged to Steal an L.A. Taxi that Drives Itself!


CNS NewsA Man Identified as Vincent Maurice Jones, 33, is facing charges of attempted grand theft auto following an incident involving a self-driving taxi in downtown Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday when Jones entered a fully autonomous Waymo car after it had dropped off a passenger near City Hall.

Jones attempted to take control of the vehicle but was unable to manipulate the controls effectively. A Waymo representative remotely communicated with Jones via the car’s online system, instructing him to exit the vehicle. When Jones failed to comply, the representative alerted the police, leading to his arrest.

Self-driving cars, such as those operated by Waymo, are becoming increasingly common in California, with the California Public Utilities Commission recently permitting Waymo to expand its fleet across greater Los Angeles. Despite their popularity, skepticism remains among policymakers and technology experts regarding their safety and reliability.

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While the motive behind Jones’ attempted theft remains unclear, the incident underscores the ongoing challenges and concerns associated with the integration of autonomous vehicles into urban environments. Authorities continue to investigate the matter, and Waymo has yet to provide a statement regarding the incident.

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