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A Texas Man Shot and Killed a “Possibly Armed” Robber Who Was Attempting to Hold Him up While He Slept in His Truck!


CNS NewsIn an early morning incident on Tuesday in Houston, Texas, a man sleeping in his truck outside an apartment complex at 331 Parramatta Lane was forced into a life-threatening situation when a suspect attempted to rob him. Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that the suspect believed to be armed, entered the truck, prompting the truck’s occupant to defend himself.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez detailed that the man in the truck, armed with an AR-15, fired several shots at the intruder, resulting in the suspect’s death at the scene. The truck’s occupant, who had been sleeping in his vehicle following a dispute with his girlfriend, awakened to the robbery attempt and took immediate action.

Following the shooting, the man sought refuge in his brother’s apartment within the same complex and contacted emergency services. He stayed at the scene, cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation. Authorities are exploring the possibility that the deceased suspect may have been involved in other recent vehicle break-ins in the vicinity.

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The community’s reaction on social media largely supported the man’s right to defend himself under such dire circumstances. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation to determine the next steps, including whether any charges will be filed.

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