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Another Tragedy for a Mother Who Already Lost Two Sons a Woman From New Jersey Goes Missing


A sad mother of three who lost her only two sons in terrible accidents is pleading with people to help her find her only daughter, who has been missing for over six weeks.

Sue Quackenbush, 63, says her 37-year-old daughter Danielle Lopez went missing on April 13 under strange circumstances. She was last seen at a Wawa at 4 Route 72 in Vincentown, New Jersey, at 9:10 a.m.

Quackenbush has already been through a lot of bad luck. Her older son, Eric, killed himself on Christmas Day 2015, and her younger son, Michael, was killed in a car accident in Florida 10 months later. Now she has to deal with the strange disappearance of her son. Michael had just come back from Afghanistan when he passed away.

“Danielle is the nicest, most loving, caring, family-focused person you could ever meet.” Tells Fox News Digital, “She loves her family and friends very much.”

He said that Danielle Lopez took care of her grandpa until 2020 when he died of COVID-19. Quackenbush lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania. After about a month, her father, Quackenbush’s ex-husband, died of a heart attack.

Lopez’s disappearance means that Quackenbush could lose all three of her children. Earlier this week, she made an emotional plea for help on Facebook, talking about how “unimaginable” it is that her family is going through this latest tragedy.

The New Jersey State Police put out a call for help on Wednesday to find Danielle and said that her 2008 blue Hyundai Accent was found “disabled” on Lost Lane Road in Penn State Forest, Woodland Township, about 13 miles away.

Fox News Digital reported that Lopez’s car was found on the same day she went missing, but Quackenbush still doesn’t know what happened to her. The mother said the cops didn’t tell her much and didn’t think they would be able to find her safely.

She said, “I used the past tense for my daughter in my statement because police have reason to believe that harm has come from her.” She also said that the police hadn’t given her any more information.

If you look at the CCTV video of Lopez leaving the Wawa, Quackenbush thinks that someone was with her, even though her daughter didn’t act like she was in immediate danger.

“She’s happy as she leaves that store.” She is put together and has her bag with her. She’s doing her job.”

Quackenbush said she has been looking for her daughter very hard and has put up “missing person” signs in the neighborhood. “I went out to where her car was found, I’ve been to the campground, I’ve been looking for about six weeks now.”

Even though the news is bad, Quackenbush is counting on her faith to help her get through this.

“I feel blessed to have been their mother for all these years. God is at work in this.” Some moms don’t care about their kids for long enough, and some moms hurt their kids. “I’m going to say I was lucky,” she said. “I just need a miracle and everyone’s prayers and wishes.”

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