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Brooklyn Youth Detention Guard Arrested for Illegally Bringing in Cellphones and SIM Cards!


CNS NewsPolice and prosecutors say that a guard at a Brooklyn juvenile jail was arrested on Saturday for bringing in cellphones and SIM cards illegally. The city has since fired the guard. A criminal complaint from the Brooklyn district attorney’s office says that Corey Brooks, 37, brought illegal items into jail for young people between the ages of 12 and 21.

The young people then hid their purchases and receipts in radiators in their cells. The phones and SIM cards were found during a search by Jorel Holland, who is the executive director of operations at Crossroads Juvenile Detention Center, according to the complaint. There are receipts with Brooks’s name and credit card information that show he bought many things between February 6 and February 17.

However, police and prosecutors said they did not know how many phones and SIM cards he brought in illegally. The person from Flatbush was charged with two counts of encouraging the sale of drugs in prison. His lawyer refused to say anything. The next time Brooks will be in court is May 9. Public Information Officer for the city’s Administration for Children’s Services, Marisa Kaufman, said Brooks was fired.

This group runs the city’s two juvenile jails. “We have high standards for working with the young people in our care, and we will keep doing everything we can to make sure they and our hardworking staff are safe.” Kaufman said in a statement, “This behavior will not be tolerated.” He also said that the agency’s stricter rules on oversight helped find the drugs.

The arrest on Saturday isn’t the first time that the Brownsville youth jail has had a problem with drugs. A staff smuggling network was written about by Gothamist last year. Sources said that it included employees at all levels, even the top, who brought in drugs, alcohol, cash, and razor blades.

Gothamist confirmed at the time that the teens who were being held used the illegal phones to post videos and pictures of marijuana and promethazine cough syrup on Instagram. Guards say that some prisoners even use their phones to order Chick-fil-A and ask them to pick it up for them in the lobby of the jail.

“You name it, they’ll bring it,” a former worker said about the staff. One problem that the city’s youth jails have is that they have a lot of contraband. Teenagers have to sleep on the floor in classrooms and hallways because the sites are so full. Last year, Gothamist reported that at least two detainees said they had been assaulted.

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Brooklyn Youth Detention Guard Arrested for Illegally Bringing in Cellphones and SIM Cards!

In April, a worker at the Bronx jail was arrested on charges of having sex with a prisoner who was 18 years old. As of July, federal prosecutors said that two supervisors at the same jail had dragged, punched, and stomped on a 16-year-old prisoner and then tried to hide it.

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