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Cartoonist Plunges from NYC Building Despite Girlfriend’s Frantic Efforts: ‘He Slipped Away’!


CNS NewsPolice and witnesses say that a “depressed” cartoonist fell to his death from the 15th floor of his Chelsea co-op on Tuesday, even though his girlfriend desperately tried to grab him and save his life. Police sources and witnesses said the person who jumped at 300 West 23rd St. was 62-year-old artist Jon Medwick, who also worked as a nurse for WebMD during the day.

The Post was told by a police source that Medwick’s 45-year-old lover woke up to find him at the window. She reached out to stop him, but “he slipped away.” Around 5:45 a.m., police were called to the restored pre-war house because of a crime. “I knew something was wrong when I saw the coroner pull up with the body bag and the ambulance,” someone in the building said.

“His room is behind the building. From what they said, it sounds like he jumped out of the window of his flat. Medwick lived in the building for more than ten years and was on the board of the co-op. Other neighbors said he was a “very nice” and “sociable” guy. Flats with one bedroom have sold for anywhere from $540,000 to $1.45 million in this building.

Medwick’s Instagram page was full of beautiful pictures of Manhattan at dusk that he must have taken from his high-rise apartment. One source said that he lived with his lover, who looked very upset as she was being taken to the hospital after Medwick’s death. “Yes, I did see her. She looked very upset. She said her legs hurt all the time… I’m not sure if she was scared.

“EMS took her,” the person said. The person said that his brother was also at the building on Tuesday talking to police. A person inside the co-op told The Post that Medwick had been living with his girlfriend since right before the COVID-19 pandemic. He also had a brother who would visit him.

“He drew comic books.” He drew me a picture. “It was pretty nice,” they said. A neighbor said that Medwick mostly worked from home, but that clients who had ordered his art would sometimes come to the building to pick it up. “Thank God it wasn’t upfront. They said, “I didn’t want to see him that way.” “It would have been very upsetting.

Cartoonist Plunges from NYC Building Despite Girlfriend's Frantic Efforts: ‘He Slipped Away’!

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That’s not a nice sight. The police said they didn’t think the fall was strange. Someone in the building said that Medwick was taken to the hospital and then brought back by paramedics on Sunday. Police said he was “depressed” before what looked like the fall.

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