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Deputies Say Florida Guy Arrested for Breaking into GA. Home, Producing Hot Chocolate!


CNS NewsA bizarre incident unfolded in Oconee County, Georgia, as deputies arrested a Florida man for breaking into a home and helping himself to a cup of hot chocolate. The suspect, a 44-year-old individual from Doral, Florida, was apprehended following reports of suspicious activity in the area.

According to reports, residents on Oliver Bridge Road alerted authorities after encountering a barefoot man knocking on doors and entering homes uninvited. One homeowner returned to find his door unlocked and evidence of someone having prepared hot chocolate inside his residence.

Another resident confronted the intruder, discovering him standing barefoot in the kitchen. After instructing him to leave, the homeowner promptly contacted law enforcement. Deputies swiftly located and arrested the suspect on burglary charges.

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The incident highlights the peculiar circumstances surrounding the case, leaving residents bewildered by the intruder’s actions. While the motive behind the break-in remains unclear, the swift response from law enforcement ensured the perpetrator was apprehended without further incident.

As communities grapple with security concerns, incidents like these serve as a reminder to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly. The swift action taken by deputies underscores the importance of community cooperation in maintaining safety and security.

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