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Tragic News: An 11-Year-Old Girl Disappeared With a Tattooed Man and Was Found Dead in Texas!


CNS NewsAuthorities say that the body of Audrii Cunningham, an 11-year-old girl who had been missing, has been found. A guy who had been a person of interest in the case will be charged with her murder. Tuesday, the government said that Audrii’s dead body was found in Texas’s Trinity River after the water level in Lake Livingston was dropped.

The child hadn’t been seen since Thursday, February 15, when she missed her school bus. Sheriff Byron Lyons of Polk County said he thinks there is “enough evidence” to connect 42-year-old Don Steven McDougal to the child’s tragic death. He said that murder charges would be brought against McDougal.

Right now, McDougal is in jail on a separate criminal charge. At a press conference, Sheriff Lyons said, “We have taken Audrii down to the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office we don’t want to release any information about the condition of her body.” “My heart aches with this news and I express my deepest sympathies and condolences to everyone who knew who cared for and loved Audrii.”

Sheriff Lyons said, “The Trinity River Authority slowed down the outflow from the reservoir. This allowed the water to go down, and that’s how her body was found.” Polk County District Attorney Shelly Sitton said that an arrest warrant for McDougal was being made based on a suggested charge of fatal murder. She stated that they have not yet decided if they will seek the death sentence in this case.

Tragic News: An 11-Year-Old Girl Disappeared With a Tattooed Man and Was Found Dead in Texas!

On Friday, McDougal was arrested on a separate attack charge, but he was also named as a person of interest in Audrii’s case. The man stayed in a tent on the family’s land near Lake Livingston and was friends with the girl’s father. After school in Livingston, Texas, which is north of Houston, Texas, Audrii didn’t come home, her family reported her missing.

Later, the police found out that she had not taken the bus to school that morning. Audrina lives with her father, grandparents, and other family members, according to Craig Cummings, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Friday, near the dam on Lake Livingston, one of the state’s biggest lakes, police found a backpack they think belonged to the child.

Neighbors said they often saw Audrii walking to the bus stop, but she didn’t do that on the day she went missing, which made people worry about where she was. That’s Don Steven McDougal. Don Steven McDougal has a bad history. He has been charged with crimes like luring children into drugs and assaulting them.

Since 2001, McDougal has been charged with crimes, including child enticement, which means luring or inviting a child under 15 into a car, building, room, or private area to sexually assault or inappropriately touch them. There are ties between the 42-year-old guy and Audrii’s father, and he was often in charge of watching Audrii while her father worked.

Tragic News: An 11-Year-Old Girl Disappeared With a Tattooed Man and Was Found Dead in Texas!

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In connection with Audrii’s disappearance, police were looking for him because he drives a blue Chevrolet Suburban and has a swastika tattoo on his upper right arm. In the past, Sheriff Lyons had said this about McDougal: “There is information that he did drop off at the bus stop or even take her to school if she missed the bus.”

He’s been talking to some of the police, but he hasn’t admitted anything yet. “People are being asked to send us videos because we’re trying to put together a timeline of where he’s been and the roads he took.” Therefore, this is one area where we know he was, and we are making sure that we search those places thoroughly.

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