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DOJ: FBI Source Claims Russian Intelligence Was Involved in The Hunter Biden Narrative!


CNS NewsThe Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed startling revelations regarding the Hunter Biden controversy, shedding light on potential Russian involvement. According to court documents filed on Tuesday, the FBI confidential source, Alexander Smirnov, implicated Russian intelligence in disseminating misinformation about President Biden and his son.

Smirnov, aged 43, confessed that individuals associated with Russian intelligence played a role in circulating a narrative concerning Hunter Biden. The government’s memorandum, supporting Smirnov’s detention, stated that he disclosed to an FBI handler that Russian Intelligence intercepted several cellphone conversations made by notable U.S. figures in a hotel.

These intercepts were purportedly intended for use as ‘kompromat’ in the upcoming 2024 election. In their filing, prosecutors asserted that Smirnov, subsequent to meeting with Russian intelligence officials in November, engaged in propagating falsehoods with potential consequences for U.S. elections. Despite these alarming claims, a federal judge in Las Vegas ruled in favor of releasing Smirnov on a personal recognizance bond.

DOJ: FBI Source Claims Russian Intelligence Was Involved in The Hunter Biden Narrative!

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Defense lawyers successfully argued that Smirnov, an American citizen, could surrender both his Israeli and U.S. passports and consent to electronic monitoring. Special counsel David Weiss charged Smirnov with felony false statement and obstruction crimes, pertaining to his alleged dissemination of false information about the Bidens.

Smirnov’s indictment by a federal grand jury in the Central District of California followed his arrest at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The charges stemmed from Smirnov’s purported fabrication, in June 2020, regarding payments of $5 million each made by the Ukrainian energy company Burisma to the Bidens in 2015 or 2016.

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