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Parkland Survivor Buys Domain and Directs People to Gun Safety Site to Insult Trump’s Shoe Venture!


CNS NewsIn a bold move aimed at drawing attention to the issue of gun violence, Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg has launched a provocative campaign against former President Donald Trump’s new sneaker venture. Hogg, who now serves as the president of Leaders We Deserve, an organization dedicated to electing young candidates to Congress, seized control of the domain and repurposed it as a platform for advocating gun safety legislation.

Announcing his actions on social media platform X, Hogg redirected visitors to the website to a page where they could easily contact their congressional representatives and voice support for gun safety measures. Notably, the site features AI-generated recordings of gun violence victims urging action on the issue.

Trump’s sneaker brand, which includes shoes priced between $199 and $399, was launched as a fundraising initiative to support his legal expenses. However, Hogg’s intervention has transformed the narrative surrounding the sneakers, turning them into symbols of activism and resistance against gun violence.

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Despite the popularity of Trump’s sneakers, with some pairs selling out and reselling for exorbitant prices, Hogg’s campaign has garnered significant attention and support. The website has facilitated tens of thousands of calls to lawmakers since its launch, amplifying the voices of those affected by gun violence and advocating for change.

Hogg’s activism underscores the power of grassroots initiatives in effecting social and political change, particularly on issues as contentious as gun control. By leveraging technology and media attention, he has successfully turned a commercial product launch into a platform for meaningful advocacy and engagement.

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