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Abraham Lincoln Was the Best U.S. President and Donald Trump Was the Worst, Historians Say in Poll!


CNS NewsAbraham Lincoln’s legacy as one of the greatest presidents in American history remains unshaken, according to the findings of the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey. More than 150 historians participated in the survey, reaffirming Lincoln’s position at the pinnacle of presidential greatness, a position he has held consistently since the survey’s inception.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson also featured prominently in the rankings, solidifying their places among the nation’s most esteemed leaders. Trump came in last, after well-known leaders like Andrew Johnson (the first president to be impeached) and James Buchanan. One thing scholars agree on is that Trump is the most divisive president ever.

Barack Obama, who came at No. 7 and moved up nine spots from 2018, is the most recent president in terms of rank. Bill Clinton is number 12 and Joe Biden is number 14. Ronald Reagan used to be in the top 10 and is now ranked 16th. Jimmy Carter is number 22, followed by George H.W. Bush (19th) and George W. Bush (32nd).

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The survey was done by college professors Justin Vaughn and Brandon Rottinghaus, who wrote about the results in the Los Angeles Times. “Biden’s most important achievements may be that he rescued the presidency from Trump, resumed a more traditional style of presidential leadership, and is gearing up to keep the office out of his predecessor’s hands this fall,”

At No. 19, Republican Ulysses S. Grant is the highest-ranked president from Ohio. He moved up four spots from the 2018 poll and nine spots from 2015. William H. Taft was ranked No. 23, William McKinley was ranked No. 24, Rutherford B. Hayes was ranked No. 29, James A. Garfield was ranked No. 30, Benjamin Harrison was ranked No. 31, Warren G. Harding was ranked No. 40, and William Harrison was ranked No. 41.

Abraham Lincoln Was the Best U.S. President and Donald Trump Was the Worst, Historians Say in Poll!

The top 10 presidents, according to the survey:

1. Abraham Lincoln

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt

3. George Washington

4. Theodore Roosevelt

5. Thomas Jefferson

6. Harry Truman

7. Barack Obama

8. Dwight D. Eisenhower

9. Lyndon Johnson

10. John F. Kennedy

The 10 worst presidents, according to the survey:

36. Herbert Hoover

37. John Tyler

38. Zachary Taylor

39. Millard Fillmore

40. Warren G. Harding

41. William Harrison

42. Franklin Pierce

43. Andrew Johnson

44. James Buchanan

45. Donald Trump

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