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Donald Trump Makes Fake Excuses to Claim Credit for The Record-High Stock Market!


CNS NewsFormer President Donald Trump has recently made bold claims attributing the current healthy state of the stock market to his influence, despite having left office three years ago. Trump’s assertion, made via his Truth Social platform, suggests that the positive market trends are a direct result of his favorable polling against President Joe Biden, projecting an anticipated victory in the upcoming election.

This claim has been met with skepticism and criticism, as many attribute the stock market’s performance to broader economic factors and current administration policies. The stock market has indeed been performing well, with record highs and consistent winning streaks, which generally reflect positively on the current economic climate under President Biden’s administration.

Trump’s attempt to credit these achievements to his potential political comeback has sparked a debate about the influence of presidential politics on market dynamics. Critics argue that Trump’s reasoning lacks substantiation, pointing out the myriad of factors that contribute to stock market fluctuations, including global economic conditions, corporate earnings, and policy decisions by central banks, among others.

Donald Trump Makes Fake Excuses to Claim Credit for The Record-High Stock Market!

The attempt to link market performance directly to one’s political fortunes is seen as an oversimplification of complex economic realities. As the conversation unfolds, it highlights the ongoing intersection of politics and economic discourse, where figures like Trump leverage their platform to shape public perception, often blurring the lines between factual economic analysis and political rhetoric.

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Biden’s reelection campaign got in on the mockery:

Others chimed in as well.

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