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Trump’s Lawyers Claim the Corporation is Being Tyrannized in A Les Misérables Comparison!


CNS NewsDonald Trump’s legal team has drawn a dramatic parallel between their client’s situation and the narrative of Victor Hugo’s classic novel “Les Misérables” in the ongoing New York trial concerning the Trump Organization. Clifford Robert, representing the Trump family, likened the court-appointed monitor overseeing the Trump Organization’s financial dealings to the relentless Inspector Javert, suggesting an overzealous pursuit of power over Trump and his business interests.

This comparison was made in response to a letter from the former judge Barbara Jones, appointed by Judge Arthur Engoron in November 2022 to ensure the integrity of the Trump Organization’s financial reporting amid concerns about potential restructuring efforts outside New York. Jones’s correspondence with Engoron highlighted various deficiencies in the Trump Organization’s financial disclosures, pointing out inconsistencies, errors, and delays.

Although cooperative, the organization’s reporting often lacked completeness and timeliness, raising concerns about the potential continuation of misstatements and inaccuracies in the financial information provided to third parties. Despite these challenges, Jones stated that she could not conclusively determine fraudulent activity but emphasized the need for improved processes to enhance the accuracy of disclosures.

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In a striking rebuttal, Robert’s letter accused Jones of leveraging minor accounting discrepancies to justify her continued involvement and financial compensation from the case. This accusation comes amid significant legal developments for Trump, including a September verdict by Engoron finding Trump guilty of fraud and the pending decision on the extent of financial penalties out of the $370 million lawsuit. The case, being a bench trial, positions Engoron as the sole adjudicator, with his ruling expected imminently.

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