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East Tennessee Highway Department Prepares Gears Up for Challenging Winter Early Snowfall!


East Tennessee is bracing for a potentially challenging winter season, with the National Weather Service issuing a winter weather advisory in anticipation of early snowfall. This preparation comes in light of a strong El Niño pattern predicted to influence the global weather, potentially leading to a wetter and colder-than-average season in the area.

The El Niño phenomenon, characterized by the warming of ocean waters of South America, has historically correlated with some of the coldest winters in East Tennessee. Eight out of the ten coldest winters since 1950 have occurred during El Niño patterns​​​​.

The forecast for the upcoming winter months, although initially predicting slightly above-average temperatures for December, suggests a gradual transition to colder conditions. This shift could bring more moisture, increasing the likelihood of mixed precipitation events such as sleet or freezing rain, especially if the colder air masses do not fully set in.

East Tennessee Highway Department Prepares Gears Up for Challenging Winter Early Snowfall!

The WATE 6 Storm Team anticipates a “back-weighted” winter, with the colder part expected later in the season, particularly in February. This prediction aligns with a possible increase in snow events, especially in regions like the Valley and Plateau, and even higher snow totals in areas like the Smokies due to their elevated terrain and propensity for colder air.

In response to these predictions, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has proactively begun preparations to ensure road safety. TDOT crews started pre-treating major roadways with brine early on Thursday to ensure adequate salt coverage. This preparation is crucial as standard salt is only effective when the roadway temperature is above 16° Fahrenheit.

Over 200 salt trucks and 99 brine trucks are at the ready, with over 69,000 tons of bulk salt and more than 231,000 gallons of salt brine available. These resources are set to cover over 9,156 lane miles across East Tennessee and Upper East Tennessee.

East Tennessee Highway Department Prepares Gears Up for Challenging Winter Early Snowfall!

With the anticipation of frigid temperatures and below-zero wind chill values, TDOT is urging motorists to exercise extreme caution and avoid unnecessary travel during the peak of the cold wave. Residents and travelers in East Tennessee are advised to stay informed about the latest weather updates and road conditions.

The winter weather outlook, while presenting certain challenges, also brings the community together in a collective effort to prepare and respond effectively to the changing conditions. As East Tennessee prepares for the early snowfall and the colder months ahead, the emphasis remains on safety, vigilance, and community cooperation.

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