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Following ‘Appalling’ Behavior, Governor Hobbs Demands a Meeting with The President and Regents of Arizona!


CNS NewsGovernor Katie Hobbs has taken a firm stance in response to the University of Arizona’s (Arizona) ongoing financial crisis. Expressing deep concern over the university’s $240 million budget shortfall and the potential ramifications, she has demanded an in-person meeting with University of Arizona President Robert Robbins and the state Board of Regents.

The governor’s dissatisfaction stemmed from what she described as “appalling” behavior exhibited by the Arizona Board of Regents during a recent meeting. In a lengthy statement released on Monday, Governor Hobbs criticized the board for failing in its oversight role and highlighted what she perceived as a lack of understanding among university leadership regarding their financial situation.

Over the past few months, the University of Arizona has been grappling with significant budgetary challenges, sparking fears of faculty layoffs and program cuts. Governor Hobbs has previously expressed her loss of trust in the board’s processes and has called for changes in how education leaders are held accountable.

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In her statement, Governor Hobbs accused the Board of Regents of providing conflicting narratives about the university’s financial state and suggested that personal grudges were taking precedence over addressing the crisis at hand. She emphasized the impact of the board’s actions on university employees, warning that their behavior could result in job losses.

Chair Fred Duval and members of the Board of Regents were specifically called out for what the governor deemed as circling the wagons and prioritizing self-preservation over finding solutions. She urged them to step down from their “ivory tower” and recognize the detrimental effects their actions were having on both Arizonans and the reputation of the University of Arizona.

Following 'Appalling' behavior, Governor Hobbs Demands a Meeting with The President and Regents of Arizona!

Governor Hobbs stressed the urgency of the situation, highlighting the livelihoods at stake and the damage being done to college affordability and the state’s reputation. She demanded immediate accountability from the Board of Regents and announced her intention to hold an in-person meeting with university leadership to discuss the next steps in addressing the crisis.

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