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The Governor of California is Disappointed by the Success of Texas’s Immigration Policy!


CNS NewsCompared to a year ago, there has been a change in the number of migrant arrests at the US southern border: more arrests in California and Arizona and fewer in Texas. Experts surmise that there are several causes for this shift, including stepped-up enforcement in Mexico, Panama, and Colombia.

Additionally, the installation of razor wire and a new state law by Governor Greg Abbott permit Texas state and local police to search for and apprehend undocumented immigrants. Adam Isaacson of the Washington Office on Latin America hypothesizes that the swift change in migration dynamics could be explained by modifications in smuggling techniques or word-of-mouth among migrants.

The office of California Governor Gavin Newsom accuses Senate Republicans of impeding the advancement of border security. “In the absence of GOP political courage, CA leads with historic investments, setting an example for the safe, humane border,” stated his spokeswoman, Erin Mellon.

About a bipartisan bill that Senate Republicans blocked earlier this month, Governor Newsom is speaking. The bill’s funding would have addressed the large number of arrivals at the southern border by implementing comprehensive immigration reforms.

The Governor of California is Disappointed by the Success of Texas's Immigration Policy!

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US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has issued a warning that, in light of the bill’s failure, it may release thousands of detained immigrants to make up a $700 million budget shortfall. Governor Abbott’s policies, which force immigrants to enter the nation through Arizona or California rather than Texas, are likewise criticized by Governor Newsom.

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