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Rep. Colin Allred of Texas Invites a Dallas Physician Who Left the State to Get an Abortion to The State of The Union!


CNS NewsAustin Dennard, a Dallas obstetrician/gynecologist, will attend President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address after traveling out of state for an abortion due to a serious birth condition. Democrats nationwide are promoting abortion access in their 2024 campaign, and Dallas Rep. Colin Allred invited her to the March 7 address.

Dennard said Texas women are denied basic rights under state laws so strict that providers are scared to pronounce “abortion,” even when discussing medically complex pregnancies. Dennard told The Dallas Morning News that basic prenatal care is catastrophe relief. Dallas resident Kate Cox will attend the address with Jill Biden.

Cox unsuccessfully sued Texas for abortion after a deadly fetal diagnosis. Allred leads a close Democratic campaign against Ted Cruz in November. Federal abortion access and interstate health care travel are Allred priorities. Dennard’s advocacy to keep women in their states was lauded by Allred.

“I am so inspired by Dr. Dennard’s bravery and resilience in the face of Texas’s cruel abortion ban,” Allred said. “No Texas woman should face Dr. Dennard’s struggle to get lifesaving care.” Cruz reacted to Cox’s request last month by labeling the White House’s abortion terminology “extreme and dishonest rhetoric”.

Cruz claimed the public favors some legal abortion restrictions but Democrats oppose them. He did not respond to questions regarding Cox and other Texas women who refused abortions despite health concerns. Dennard and other women face the Texas Supreme Court in a lawsuit challenging abortion restrictions. Dennard sought an ultrasound at her second prenatal exam for genetic screening and blood testing.

She realized something was severely wrong when the scan started. The diagnosis was anencephaly, a serious birth defect that delays brain and skull development. That was July 2022, shortly after the Supreme Court repealed Roe vs. Wade. Texas law prohibits abortion with a heartbeat, Dennard added.

Dennard stated, “I was going to be forced to carry my pregnancy until either the baby died inside of me or I delivered and the baby died in my arms. That was too much for me.” Instead, she underwent an East Coast abortion, feeling isolated from her hometown. Dennard added, “I’m a sixth-generation Texan, and to receive standard medical care I had to flee my state like a criminal and be treated by a stranger.”

The only option in my state was to stay pregnant, which would imperil my body, family, and fertility. She told Jill Biden her story at the White House last summer. Dennard has three kids, including a 6-month-old. A tragic genetic diagnosis prompted her first abortion. She said it was difficult, but she saw her doctor and stayed in the state.

Rep. Colin Allred of Texas Invites a Dallas Physician Who Left the State to Get an Abortion to The State of The Union!

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Dennard thinks Biden would raise the issue in his congressional speech to keep Americans thinking. She bases her message on her job as a doctor, patient feedback, and her belief that pregnancy should be joyous. “That joy has been taken away from patients because now there’s so much fear that something bad could happen to them because standard medical care cannot be provided in a situation like mine or Kate’s,” she said.

Dennard advised physicians that discussing choices with patients could assist them in obtaining an abortion, making them legally liable. “Putting myself out there and talking about it is still scary,” she said. I couldn’t keep quiet. Too much misery to ignore.”

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