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Harrowing Video Shows Men Fighting Before NYC Subway Shooting as Riders Rush for Doors: “Babies on this Floor!”


CNS NewsA harrowing incident unfolded on a Brooklyn subway car captured in chilling footage, revealing a violent clash between two men that culminated in one of them being shot during rush hour. The video, filmed by a passenger on a northbound A train, corroborated earlier witness accounts and captured the intense moments leading up to the shooting at the A/C Hoyt–Schermerhorn Streets station.

The altercation began when a 36-year-old man, identified as the agitator, instigated another man, aged 32 before shots were fired. The video showed the 36-year-old, wearing a black sweatshirt and yellow baseball cap, hurling threats and insults at the other man, including racially charged language.

Despite pleas from other passengers, including warnings that there were children on board, the altercation escalated. The 32-year-old, wearing a yellow shirt and black jacket, initially tried to ignore the threats but eventually stood up to the aggressor after nearly two minutes of verbal abuse.

The two men then engaged in a physical confrontation, with bystanders imploring them to stop. The aggressor pushed the other man onto a two-seater and began striking him. A young woman intervened, punching the aggressor’s back, which redirected his aggression towards her.

Harrowing Video Shows Men Fighting Before NYC Subway Shooting as Riders Rush for Doors: "Babies on this Floor!"

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A man wearing a reflective vest managed to separate the two men momentarily, but the altercation continued. The aggressor then retrieved a gun from his jacket and charged at the 32-year-old, causing chaos in the packed train car.

The video captured the panic among commuters as they scrambled for safety, with several throwing themselves on the ground. The 32-year-old was able to wrestle the gun away during the struggle and used it against his attacker. The 36-year-old man was critically injured and taken to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital for surgery.

The subway car was described as “covered with blood and ballistics” upon police arrival, with a small-caliber firearm recovered from the scene. Police indicated that the 32-year-old, who managed to gain control of the gun, is unlikely to face charges as he appears to have acted in self-defense.

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