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New York Twin 5-Year-Olds Found Vomiting and Foaming Were Smothered to Death: Authorities!


CNS NewsThe tragic deaths of two 5-year-old twins in their Bronx apartment were determined to be homicides, shocking the city. Initially believed to be the result of a medical emergency, the city Medical Examiner ruled that the twins, George and Gianna Katanka, were smothered to death in December 2023.

Emergency responders discovered the twins on the living room floor of their apartment on East 175th Street near Weeks Avenue in Mount Hope. The children, described as “special needs,” had been ailing and had stayed home from school on the day they were found dead.

Their mother, who was deeply involved in their care and schooling, had described them as having cold symptoms and an ear infection. She was reportedly devastated by their deaths and had to be hospitalized for observation.

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Neighbors described the mother as a doting parent who was always attentive to her children. The father, who was at work at the time, rushed home upon learning of the tragedy. No arrests had been made in connection with the twins’ deaths as of the report.

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