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Virginia Man Charged with Kidnapping 15-Year-Old Honduran Girl from Ohio!


CNS NewsPolice in Ohio have arrested 43-year-old illegal alien Isauro Garcia Cruz for the alleged kidnapping of a 15-year-old girl who was also an illegal immigrant from Honduras. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio announced on Tuesday that Isauro Garcia Cruz, 43, had been arrested on warrants for first-degree felony kidnapping, third-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, fourth-degree felony gross sexual imposition, and first-degree misdemeanor interference with custody.

Garcia allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted this young girl, who was brought into the country by his girlfriend. The girl is now at a sponsor home in Middleton, Ohio, and has been taken out of the custody of the girlfriend of Garcia. The authorities found the teenage girl on the 1200 block of Burnbridge Road in the Forest area of Bedford County, Virginia. The location is hundreds of miles away from where her home is located in Ohio.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating whether the girl was a victim of human trafficking, according to the report. “It’s so tough when these kids come across the border by themselves, no parents, no guardians, boys, girls,” Sheriff Richard Jones told Fox News Digital. While the victim was initially placed in the care of a sponsor, reports noted that she was eventually put in her apartment. After she moved into the apartment, Cruz still hung out with her, “stays with her, has sex with her,” Jones said.

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The authorities were alerted to the situation after receiving a tip about the suspect. Butler County ultimately tracked down the suspect and victim who were staying at a hotel in Virginia and contacted local authorities to arrest Cruz. The victim has since been placed in the care of another family, per the report.

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