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In 2024, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas Will All Offer More School Choice!


Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee just introduced the Education Freedom Scholarship Act, which will give more Tennessee families the choice of which schools to attend. Ten other states have similar school choice laws, so Tennessee is now in line with them.

Since the state House and Senate are both mostly made up of Republicans, the act should become law in 2024. Also, Louisiana is likely to give more people the choice of schools in 2024, after Republican Jeff Landry is elected as governor. Similar bills were turned down by his predecessor, Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards.

On the other hand, Landry wants parents to have more say over their kids’ schooling. A bill like this will be passed by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey in 2024. Alabama should be a leader in school choice, that’s her goal. This comes after the Alabama Accountability Act was expanded in 2023.

In 2024, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas Will All Offer More School Choice!

This means that more funds are now available for kids from low-income families to go to better public schools. Georgia also wants to pass a school choice bill in 2024, even though they had problems in 2023. Republicans who voted against the bill are under a lot of political pressure, and because Georgia’s congressional terms are only two years, the bill can be brought up again in the next session.

Texas is on break right now, but Governor Greg Abbott could call for a fifth special session. Some Republicans and Democrats are against it, but the Texas Governor and Senate are determined to make school choices available to more students. If the country House Republicans who are against school choice don’t change their minds, they could lose the next election because more and more Texas families want school choice.

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