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Incredible Heroics: High School Football Star from Georgia Rescues 2 in Dramatic Car Fire!


CNS NewsIn January, on his way to school, a high school football player in Georgia jumped into action to help save two people trapped in a wreck. This got him praise from the sheriff’s office. Reynolds was on his way to Sonoraville High School in Georgia when he stopped at a crash scene where two cars were on fire and one had flipped over.

He told Fox 5 that he was late for school and pulled out his phone to show his teacher proof when he saw a group of people trying to save someone who was stuck inside the car. Fox 5 has a short film clip. Reynolds said he took the car door off and grabbed the person’s legs because they were stuck under the steering wheel.

The man said, “His quad was torn in half, and he was stuck under the steering wheel. I had to pull him out.” The group was able to get the first man out of the car. Then they rushed to the other car, where a man was stuck in his seatbelt while trying to get out before the fire got worse.

As I look, I see a wrench. His toolbox fell off. As Reynolds told Fox 5, “I broke a window and cleared the glass, but I was too big to get in the back window. So I asked the shorter woman, who was about 4 feet 11 inches, to squeeze in there and untie his seat belt, and I said, ‘I’ll pull him out.'”

Incredible Heroics: High School Football Star from Georgia Rescues 2 in Dramatic Car Fire!

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The person was saved by the group. After that, Reynolds went to school. The pupil says that he normally goes to school a different way than this. He said, “I don’t know why I did it at the last second, but God put it in my heart.” Choosing to go a different way saved the day.

Reynolds, Sammie Roper, Lamar Turner, and Howard Pack were of the group that helped. They were given a Citizen Service Award and certificates saying they were “instrumental in saving lives” and “displaying the highest qualities of courage and good citizenship.”

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