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Ohio’s Hidden Gems: Dive into Delicious Fish Sandwiches Across the State!


CNS NewsIn the 1950s and 1960s, fish sandwiches were first served in U.S. burger places as an option for people who didn’t want to eat meat on Fridays. They are now a popular item on menus across the country. Head to one of these Ohio restaurants for a fish burger. They serve everything from cod to salmon on their buns:

Hail Mary

Viewed on New Day Cleveland, Hail Mary’s is a fun place in the neighborhood where sports fans go to watch the big game. You can sit anywhere and make new friends at the bar or a table. A tempura fish burger dipped in beer is on the menu. It’s a customer choice because it has fish on top of American cheese, Cajun tartar sauce, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce.

Jim and Jack’s

Go to Jim & Jack’s for fun line dancing and country music. You’ll never be bored when you learn new moves or sing along to your favorite songs. Try the cod sandwich when you need a break. You can get fried North Atlantic cod with slaw, tartar sauce, and a side of your choice.

The Tim’s Tavern

Ohio's Hidden Gems: Dive into Delicious Fish Sandwiches Across the State!

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Tim’s Tavern opened in 1957 after former Major League Baseball player Tim Triner started a new job. It was first called Jack & Tim’s. It became one of the best places to drink beer in Canton very quickly. Tim made the food better in the early 1960s by coming up with a “beer-battered fish recipe that was second to none.” This tasty treat is still a customer favorite today. Try the big fish sandwich with beer batter for dinner. You should eat it with fries or onion rings and your favorite beer.

The Blarney Irish Pub

In downtown Toledo, the Blarney Irish Pub brings the tastes of Ireland to the city. You can feel welcome there, and it’s fun from the moment the doors open and the lights go out. Music bingo is held every Thursday, and traditional Irish music is played every first Saturday of the month. Try the fish sandwich while you’re there. A must-try at the bar is the beer-battered haddock on brioche bread with lettuce and tomato on top.

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