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Intense Debate: An Illinois Grandfather Was Jailed in Florida for Overfishing!


CNS NewsThere was trouble for a 77-year-old man from Illinois who caught too many Black Bass in Florida and then didn’t show up to court. After posting a $1,000 bond, the man, who has been named as a grandfather, was let go. Readers have been talking a lot about this event, which happened at least three days ago.

A lot of different views can be seen in the comments on this news story. A lot of users said they thought wildlife laws should be enforced and emphasized that rules are there for a reason and should be followed by everyone, no matter their age or where they are from.

They say that the grandfather’s actions were not only wrong, but they also showed younger people how to behave badly. “There’s a reason for the rules.” It doesn’t matter that you’re old or from a different area. “A great way to teach your grandchildren how to follow the rules or what will happen if they don’t.”

Intense Debate: An Illinois Grandfather Was Jailed in Florida for Overfishing!

Some people, though, thought the punishment was too harsh for the act. They said a warning would have been better and said the state should not have spent money prosecuting an elderly man instead of focusing on more important crimes. “Probably cost us $2500 to put Grandpa in jail.”

Some people wrote that the man wasn’t in jail for getting too many fish, but for not showing up to court. They think this difference is important and that the reports should make it clear. “He didn’t go to jail for the fish.” He went to jail because he didn’t show up to court. Quite rightly so.”

Lastly, some readers didn’t like how the word “grandfather” was used in the story. They said it had nothing to do with the man’s acts and might have skewed how the reader saw what happened. “I’m not sure what his role as a “grandfather” has to do with this story. The reporter on staff might have done better to use “stupid” instead.”

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Intense Debate: An Illinois Grandfather Was Jailed in Florida for Overfishing!

People have different thoughts on this case. Some think wildlife laws should be strictly enforced, while others think they should be less strict. Most people agree, though, that the man’s failure to show up to court was a major crime that should have been punished.

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