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Two People Killed and Two Injured in Boynton Beach Crash!


CNS NewsAt this time, additional details have been disclosed concerning a fatal collision that is now being investigated in Boynton Beach. As a result of the collision that took place on Friday evening close to the intersection of Hypoluxo Road and Paxford Lane, the Boynton Beach Police Department (BBPD) reports that two individuals have been killed and two others are currently being treated at the hospital.

They were identified as Alexandra Doran, who was 26 years old, and Nicholas Tedesco, who was 24 years old, according to the police. At this time, the two additional passengers are being treated at Delray Medical Center in critical condition.

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Two People Killed and Two Injured in Boynton Beach Crash!

Hypoluxo Road, which extends from High Ridge to Congress Avenue, was temporarily restricted to traffic in the westbound direction as a result of the collision.

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