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James Comer Attempts to Discredit the FBI Following the Arrest of an Informant!


CNS NewsOn Tuesday morning, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo that every FBI interaction has been “suspicious.” His comments followed months of crediting the FBI with “key evidence” in his impeachment of President Joe Biden. On Tuesday’s Mornings with Maria Bartiromo, the Oversight Committee chairman said, “Everything I’ve had to do with the FBI has been very suspicious throughout this investigation.”

The FBI has no credibility with me, Maria. Following the money. “[Alexander] Smirnov never was a key part of this investigation,” referring to the informant indicted for lying about Biden’s Ukraine dealings. Comer’s latest comments contradict what his committee called Smirnov’s FBI memorandum, which falsely claimed Biden was involved in a bribery scheme with his son Hunter and Burisma.

Last year, the FBI released Smirnov’s Form 1023 memo, which was posted on the House Oversight Committee’s “Biden Family Investigation” page, after intense GOP pressure. The website linked to an Oversight Committee X post with the document under “Key Evidence,” supporting the committee’s claim.

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Months before the FBI released the document, Comer called it “very crucial” to the committee’s investigation. The tweet and website reference were removed after Smirnov’s arrest. Special Counsel David Weiss, who has investigated all Hunter Biden allegations, charged Smirnov with lying to the bureau about Form 1023 allegations earlier this month.

Weiss said Smirnov told investigators his claims came from “officials associated with Russian intelligence.” After weeks and multiple disproven allegations, Comer is washing his hands. “I don’t know anything about Smirnov, but the circumstances around his indictment, re-arrest, and Weiss changing the original indictment is very concerning,” Comer said.

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