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‘Traitor’ Trump is Being Called by Residents of Texas in Advance of His Visit to The Border!


CNS NewsTexas residents near the US-Mexico border believe “Eagle Pass has nothing to gain” from Donald Trump’s Thursday visit, calling him a “traitor.” The former president will attend the immigration discussion on the same day that President Joe Biden will meet with Border Patrol agents, law enforcement, and municipal authorities in Brownsville.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and other conservative governors have used Eagle Pass to symbolize record-high migrant surges, which dropped to 68,260 illegal crossings in January from 149,806 in December, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Abbott credits concertina wire, floating barriers in the Rio Grande, and many soldiers for fighting illegal flows. Abbott revealed from Eagle Pass in mid-February that an 80-acre military base camp for 1,800 Texas National Guard soldiers was being built near the Rio Grande and six miles south of Shelby Park.

The governor claimed it would let soldiers “operate more effectively and efficiently” to deter illegal immigrants. “[The visit] has nothing to offer Eagle Pass, and Eagle Pass has nothing to gain from it,” the Eagle Pass Border Coalition posted on Facebook Monday night. “You know you’re not welcome.

Loser, not a leader. Not president, but candidate. No rebel, just a threat. No friend, adversary. Traitor, not a patriot. Eagle Pass deserves better. Maverick County deserves better. Texas deserves better. America deserves better. We deserve better.” Newsweek emailed the Eagle Pass Border Coalition and the Trump campaign for a response.

Locals and coalition members call Trump’s visit “a brazen attempt to distract attention from his upcoming criminal and civil trials,” highlighting his legal issues and using immigration to rally support before November. They verbally attacked Abbott, who they said stayed “for less than an hour” before leaving by helicopter after a podium speech.

On February 7, amid rising tensions between Abbott and the Biden administration, including Supreme Court legal battles, the coalition wrote to the governor, criticizing his efforts to turn Eagle Pass into a “military-style staging ground…as a backdrop for political theater.” Trump may follow Abbott’s example by giving a pulpit speech and then leaving without “listening to the voices and concerns of our people” or ignoring them.

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'Traitor' Trump is Being Called by Residents of Texas in Advance of His Visit to The Border!

“Will you visit our missions and talk to church leaders? Will you appreciate or care about Eagle Pass’s diverse and harmonious history and culture? Will you recognize trade, security, environment, and immigration issues and opportunities at our border? Will he continue to spread lies, insults, and conspiracy theories, inflaming hatred and division?” the Facebook post said.

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