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The Biden Administration Provides $115 Million for Low-Income Senior Housing!


CNS NewsOfficials said Wednesday in Philadelphia that the Biden administration has given $115 million in grants to build and improve homes for seniors with low incomes. Adrianne Todman, Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said, “The Biden-Harris Administration is committed to making sure that our country’s most vulnerable seniors have access to high-quality, affordable housing.”

By building these homes, older people will be able to live on their own. We need to make sure that adults with limited funds can age with grace and honor in a safe place. The Fairthorne, an affordable senior housing center in Philadelphia, was in the background when Todman made the news.

The money will help non-profits build new, cheap, energy-efficient homes for low-income seniors aged 62 and up, or they will fix up existing homes to make them more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. In both cases, the money will be used to help pay for rent and cover the costs of building and other capital items.

A total of $35 million will be used to build intergenerational homes that meet the needs of families with adults who are raising children under the age of 18. “These funds, which will be used for both rental assistance and development costs, are a way to help seniors across the country find housing,” said Julia Gordon, Assistant Secretary for Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner.

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“We are maintaining our commitment to supporting safer, healthier, more energy efficient homes that help address both the climate crisis and the housing crisis together.” With this new investment in low-income senior living, $161 million will be used to pay for grants that will help people aged 62 and up live on their own by providing them with specialized support services like food, transportation, education, and health care.

Most people who qualify for these grants make less than 50% of the median income for their area. Most families make less than 30% of the median income for their area. Last October, the Department of Housing and Urban Development gave grants to 25 groups in 14 states. These groups built nearly 1,300 new homes for qualified seniors.

The Biden Administration Provides $115 Million for Low-Income Senior Housing!

The funding for senior housing is part of the Biden administration’s “Investing in America” plan, a $5.8 billion investment in the country’s infrastructure that fixes problems with roads, bridges, and other parts of the infrastructure and also deals with housing issues for seniors.

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