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Legislators in Tennessee Advance a Bill to Remove the State’s Grocery Sales Tax!


CNS NewsTennessee legislators have taken a significant step towards eliminating the state’s sales tax on groceries, as a proposed bill to this effect moved forward on Tuesday. If passed, the bill would enact measures to prohibit both state and local governments from imposing taxes on essential grocery items.

Lawmakers advocating for the bill emphasize the importance of alleviating the financial strain faced by families, aiming to ease the burden of household expenses. The legislation successfully cleared the House of Government Operations Committee and is set to progress to the House-Senate Finance, Ways, & Means Committee.

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However, it received a negative recommendation in the former stage. Representative Aftyn Behn and Senator Charlene Oliver are the sponsors spearheading this initiative. Currently, Tennessee imposes a sales tax rate of 4% on food purchases.

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