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U.S. Southern Border: National Guard Assembled by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee!


CNS NewsTennessee Governor Bill Lee has taken decisive action in response to the unprecedented border crisis facing the United States. Recently, Governor Lee visited Tennessee National Guard soldiers at the Millington Tennessee Army National Guard Armory, where he announced the deployment of troops to the nation’s Southern border. This deployment comes amidst what is being described as the most severe border crisis the country has experienced in decades.

Governor Lee, in a statement shared on social media, emphasized Tennessee’s commitment to leadership in the face of this crisis. He expressed gratitude towards the Tennessee National Guard members who have volunteered for this crucial mission, highlighting their dedication to securing the border as the federal government faces challenges in taking effective action.

The deployment, dubbed “Operation Lone Star,” involves approximately 50 Tennessee National Guard members who have answered the call to service. Governor Lee had previously committed to deploying two waves of state active-duty soldiers to Texas to support efforts to secure the border.

U.S. Southern Border: National Guard Assembled by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee!

This initial deployment marks the beginning of Tennessee’s support for Texas and its ongoing efforts to combat illegal crossings, human trafficking, and the trafficking of dangerous drugs like fentanyl. Tennessee’s involvement in border security is not new.

The state has a history of supporting Texas in similar endeavors, standing firm even as the current administration has faced criticism for its handling of the crisis. Governor Lee commended the National Guard troops for their readiness to provide critical support in addressing the devastating consequences of rising crime associated with the border crisis.

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U.S. Southern Border: National Guard Assembled by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee!

As the Tennessee Department of Military continues to coordinate with Texas authorities to identify areas of greatest need, Governor Lee’s leadership underscores the importance of state-level action in the absence of federal intervention. Tennessee’s commitment to securing the border reflects a broader effort among governors across the nation to address the challenges posed by illegal immigration and related criminal activities.

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