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Locals Share Thoughts on Florida Proposal to Prohibit Children from Social Media!


CNS NewsFlorida’s House recently passed a bill proposing a ban on social media accounts for children under the age of 16, awaiting review by Governor Ron DeSantis, as reported by NewsBreak. The bill not only prohibits children under 16 from having social media accounts but also mandates social media platforms to delete any accounts belonging to minors.

In West Virginia, locals expressed diverse opinions on the proposed legislation. While some, like Angela Crook, a grandmother of grandchildren approaching social media age, acknowledged concerns about the potential negative impact of social media on young children, they remained adamant that such decisions should rest with individual parents rather than governmental intervention.

Others, like Lesley Peck, a mother of a 15-year-old, emphasized parental responsibility in monitoring children’s online activities. Peck stressed that while social media can pose risks, it ultimately falls upon parents to supervise and guide their children’s online interactions. She argued against government interference in parental decisions regarding children’s use of social media.

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The proposed legislation has sparked discussions around parental autonomy versus state intervention in regulating children’s access to social media platforms. While acknowledging the potential risks associated with social media use among minors, opinions vary regarding the appropriate role of government in addressing these concerns.

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