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When Trump Was Protected by the “Coolest Dictator,” Republicans Cheered. It Makes Sense!


CNS NewsAt the Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual conference, Nayib Bukele, El Salvador’s president, received an enthusiastic welcome, resonating with Trump supporters without explicitly mentioning the former president.

Bukele, who markets himself as “the world’s coolest dictator,” represents more than just an endorsement of Trump; he embodies a template for authoritarian rule. Despite his autocratic achievements, Trump’s failed attempts at consolidating power during his presidency have led him to seek an autocratic “do-over.”

Bukele’s popularity in El Salvador stems from his aggressive crackdown on suspected gang members, framed as a defense against the threat of “globalism.” He presented himself as a guardian against such forces, echoing Trump’s narrative of combating corruption within the judiciary.

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When Trump Was Protected by The "Coolest Dictator," Republicans Cheered. It Makes Sense!

However, while Trump faces legal challenges, Bukele’s claim that El Salvador doesn’t weaponize its judicial system to persecute political opponents is disputed by experts. Ruth Ben-Ghiat, author of “Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present,” notes that Trump has been testing authoritarian tactics since 2016, conditioning the public to accept his narrative of election fraud.

Trump’s rhetoric, including his “joking” remarks about becoming a dictator, aligns with classic authoritarian strategies outlined in “The Authoritarian Playbook.” Despite a base that craves autocracy, American institutions have thus far acted as barriers against Trump’s authoritarian aspirations.

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