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OK Politician Labels LGBTQ People ‘Filth’ After Bullied Nonbinary Teen’s Beating Death!


CNS NewsAn Oklahoma state senator was criticized for calling LGBTQ persons “filth” after a 16-year-old nonbinary kid died a day after being attacked at school. The Tahlequah Daily Press recorded Sen. Tom Woods, R-Westville, saying, “I represent a constituency that doesn’t want that filth in Oklahoma,” during a legislative forum about the death of nonbinary teen Nex Benedict and legislation allegedly targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Audience member Cathy Cott asked Woods and other lawmakers about SPI Ryan Walters’ LGBTQ policy in schools. She said lawmakers have “an obsession with the LGBTQ citizens of Oklahoma.” and demanded they address the “50 bills targeting the LGBTQ community in the state of Oklahoma,” citing Benedict’s Feb. 8 death.

Benedict died a day after a fight that may have been prompted by gender identity bullying, their mother said. Although authorities claimed a preliminary report showed no assault injuries, the cause of death remained unknown. “My heart goes out to that scenario if that is the case,” Woods said, then called LGTBQ individuals “filth.”

Republicans hold a supermajority in the House and Senate. I represent Oklahomans who don’t want that filth.” He added, “We are a religious state. “We will fight it to keep that filth out of Oklahoma because we are a Christian and moral state.” This state is Republican. My district is my voting district. My ideals will guide my vote, he said. “And we don’t want that in Oklahoma.”

OK Politician Labels LGBTQ People ‘Filth’ After Bullied Nonbinary Teen's Beating Death!

Woods received some applause after his words, but several questioned his use of “filth.” Freedom Oklahoma, an LGBTQ advocacy group, criticized Woods on social media for saying, “Words have power and consequences.” “Too many of Oklahoma’s leaders gleefully overlook the consequences as they wield their words of hatred and harm,” the group said.

Others decried Woods’ statements and blamed the forum’s MPs for not challenging him. “The other senators on the panel offered ZERO pushback when Senator Tom Woods was spewing his hateful bigotry,” a social media user said. Oklahoma: #48 in education, #1 in hate.”

Oklahoma State Senator Tom Woods responded to Nex Benedict’s death. Anyone in a position of ‘leadership’ making that comment is shocking and disgusting. We must stop voting for them, another said. Nex Benedict wasn’t dirty. Adults failed Nex at school and in the Oklahoma State House.

Nex deserved better and should be living. The only filth is Sen. Tom Woods and his supporters using religion to justify their hatred. One user posted #NexBenedict. Wood’s statements were “not only deeply insensitive but also reflects a dangerous disregard for the value and dignity of every individual, regardless of their gender identity,” according to another social media user.

OK Politician Labels LGBTQ People ‘Filth’ After Bullied Nonbinary Teen's Beating Death!

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Early autopsy results showed Benedict did not die from school bathroom brawl injuries, prompting Benedict’s family to start an independent investigation. Their mother described how other Owasso High School students bullied their child for almost a year and how they had bruises on their faces after fighting with three older females before their deaths.

According to their lawyers, the family wants police to examine “all potentially liable parties to do so fully, fairly and expediently.” “The family is independently interviewing witnesses and collecting all available evidence,” the statement states.

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