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NJ Businessman Wore a Name-Label Jacket and Federal Phone Number at The Capitol Riot!


CNS NewsFederal prosecutors have arrested Robert Coppotelli, a New Jersey business owner, alleging his involvement in the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. According to prosecutors, Coppotelli’s distinctive jacket, prominently displaying his name and phone number, played a crucial role in identifying him as a participant in the riot.

Coppotelli, 27, faces four misdemeanor counts of unlawfully entering the Capitol with the intent to disrupt congressional proceedings. The FBI had been monitoring him since July 2021, following a tip-off from an anonymous source who recognized him by his trademark jacket, which advertised his business, “Coppotelli Heavy Equipment Sales & Services, Inc.”

Despite efforts to conceal his identity with a mask and hat, Coppotelli’s name was visible on his attire as he breached the Capitol alongside other supporters of then-President Donald Trump. Security footage captured their entry through a forcibly opened door, with rioters wielding makeshift weapons.

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Authorities assert that Coppotelli spent approximately 12 minutes inside the Capitol before escaping through a broken window. Investigators quickly traced his business, registered at the same address where he resides, confirming his identity.

The company’s logo matched the artwork on Coppotelli’s jacket, further corroborating his involvement in the events of January 6. Coppotelli joins the ranks of over 1,300 individuals charged in connection with the Capitol riot, with approximately 900 defendants having already pleaded guilty or been convicted.

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