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Now-Empty $42M NYC WeWork Office Building Offered Up as Emergency Migrant Shelter!


CNS NewsAmidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis spurred by the influx of migrants, a vacant commercial space in New York City’s Garment District has been proposed for conversion into an emergency shelter for asylum seekers. The 16-story building, located at 315 W. 36th St., was previously occupied by WeWork, a now-bankrupt office space-sharing provider.

The proposal, submitted by the property’s landlord, aims to repurpose the space to accommodate the growing number of migrants seeking refuge in the city. Mayor Eric Adams’ administration confirmed receiving the proposal, although it emphasized that no active consideration has been given to the proposal yet.  The commercial portion of the building became vacant following WeWork’s bankruptcy filing, leading to its potential transformation into a humanitarian response and relief center.

The proposal underscores the city’s ongoing efforts to address the needs of migrants arriving in New York City amid a surge in arrivals. The city’s economic development officials have previously explored various options, including repurposing vacant office spaces, to shelter and accommodate the influx of migrants.

While the proposal awaits further deliberation, it highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between government agencies, property owners, and community stakeholders to provide support and assistance to those in need. As the city grapples with the challenges posed by the ongoing humanitarian crisis, initiatives such as this offer a glimmer of hope for those seeking refuge and support in New York City.

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