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New Jersey Muslim Association Wants to Ban Politicians Who Favor Israel’s Terror Response!


CNS NewsThe Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) chapter in New Jersey announced the release of a civic engagement guide for mosques. The guide stresses how important it is for mosques to only allow public officials who support a ceasefire in Gaza to talk at Ramadan events. This project is in response to the ongoing war in Gaza and the fact that some government officials don’t want to back calls for a ceasefire in Palestine.

The book, called “Harnessing Our Collective Power: A Guide to Civic Engagement in our Mosques,” wants to get mosques to work with elected officials who share the community’s values, especially in light of what Israel is doing in Gaza. In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a time for reflection and community. During this time, elected leaders often meet with Muslim voters.

But since the war in Gaza has been going on for five months and is making it harder for Palestinians to get basic services, the Muslim community in New Jersey is unhappy with how their representatives are handling the situation. CAIR-NJ says that support is very different, pointing out that only three of New Jersey’s twelve congress members have officially called for an end to the violence.

New Jersey Muslim Association Wants to Ban Politicians Who Favor Israel's Terror Response!

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People in the community are even more angry because over 1,000 family members of Palestinian Muslims in New Jersey have been killed since October. Selaedin Maksut, Executive Director of CAIR-NJ, said it was wrong for officials to keep supporting Israel’s harsh policies toward Palestinians.

Maksut stressed that the community was ready to use their combined strength to make their demands heard. They insisted that their worship places and community gatherings should be kept holy. CAIR also put out a national Ramadan toolbox with resources to help Muslim community members during the fasting month.

New Jersey Muslim Association Wants to Ban Politicians Who Favor Israel's Terror Response!

The toolkit included templates for making accommodations at work and school and advocacy materials calling for Eid recognition and a ceasefire in Gaza. The group is still dedicated to its goal of defending civil rights, promoting justice, better knowledge of Islam, and giving American Muslims more power.

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