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NYPD and Authorities Say the Killing of a Brooklyn Laundromat Owner Was Planned by A Cousin!


CNS NewsIn a chilling revelation, authorities in Brooklyn, New York, uncovered the sinister plot behind the murder of Money Perkins, a 37-year-old laundromat owner. Perkins was brutally gunned down during a chain-grab robbery at his establishment, but the incident was not merely a botched robbery, according to prosecutors and law enforcement sources.

The investigation revealed that Perkins had been targeted for death by his cousin, Ronnie Butler, allegedly fueled by a longstanding feud between the two. Butler enlisted the help of Louis Mercado, described as an “O.G.” with gang connections, to orchestrate the deadly attack. Mercado, in turn, recruited his stepson and two associates to carry out the murder.

The perpetrators, members of the Edgemere Bloods gang, stormed Perkins’ laundromat and engaged in a violent struggle with him before fatally shooting him and stealing his gold chain. Prosecutors allege that Butler played a direct role in Perkins’ death, slamming his head to the ground during the attack.

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The investigation uncovered damning evidence, including surveillance footage, text messages, and eyewitness accounts, leading to the arrest of five suspects, including a 16-year-old boy. All five individuals face charges of murder, robbery, and conspiracy, and have been remanded without bail.

The senseless murder of Money Perkins has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving his family and loved ones devastated. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez vowed to hold the perpetrators accountable for their heinous actions, emphasizing the need for justice in the face of such brutality.

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