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Police: Florida Man Held Transgender Lady for Ransom in Motel After Learning She Was Transsexual!


CNS NewsMiami police have arrested Joshua Debarge Lucas for allegedly holding a transgender woman for ransom at gunpoint. The incident occurred at the Saturn Motel in Miami’s MiMo district, where Lucas reportedly became upset upon discovering the victim’s transgender identity. According to police reports, Lucas and an accomplice forcibly detained the victim in a motel room after a sexual encounter.

Lucas allegedly demanded a ransom from the victim’s friend, threatening to harm the victim if the demands were not met. During the ransom negotiation, Lucas expressed transphobic sentiments, citing his discomfort with the victim’s gender identity and violating his personal beliefs as a member of a designated hate group, the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Law enforcement intervened following the victim’s friend’s report of the incident, leading to Lucas’s arrest. Despite Lucas’s claims of misunderstanding and minimal ransom demands, authorities have charged him with kidnapping and related offenses.

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The case highlights the dangers faced by transgender individuals, particularly in situations where their identities are met with hostility and violence. It underscores the imperative of combating discrimination and ensuring the safety and dignity of all individuals, regardless of gender identity.

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