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New Jersey killed His Mother After She Forbade Him From “Cutting a Tattoo Off His Leg”!


CNS NewsA Tragic Incident unfolded in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, as James Doran, a 30-year-old man, allegedly bludgeoned his mother to death in their shared home. The motive behind this horrific act stemmed from a dispute over Doran’s desire to remove a tattoo from his leg, according to authorities.

Witnesses reported that an intense verbal argument erupted between Doran and his mother, 65-year-old Lillian Doran, over James’ intention to cut off a tattoo from his leg. The disagreement escalated, with James allegedly wielding a baseball bat and engaging in heated exchanges with his mother. The confrontation reached its devastating conclusion in the early hours of Saturday, resulting in the brutal killing of Lillian Doran.

Authorities arrived at the scene following a report of banging sounds and a garage door opening around 4 a.m. Upon their arrival at 10 a.m., they discovered Lillian Doran’s lifeless body on her bedroom floor, showing signs of blunt-force trauma. Shockingly, James Doran and his mother’s car were nowhere to be found.

Doran was later apprehended in Pennsylvania after a high-speed chase by state troopers, during which he exhibited erratic behavior and was found covered in blood and smelling of alcohol. He faces charges of first-degree murder in connection with his mother’s death, as well as several misdemeanor and summary charges, including evading arrest and DUI.

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Given the gravity of the crime and concerns regarding Doran’s compliance with bail conditions, a judge denied him bail, and he is currently awaiting extradition to New Jersey. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic disputes spiraling out of control.

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