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Putin ‘Significant Beneficiary’ if Speaker Johnson Loses Ukraine Assistance Vote, Says Biden Aide!


CNS NewsSullivan, who is in charge of national security, said that if Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) doesn’t bring a bill to fund Ukraine to the floor, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be the “major beneficiary.” When Johnson didn’t bring a bill to help Ukraine to the House floor, CNN host Dana Bash asked Sullivan on “State of the Union” on Sunday if Sullivan agreed with the White House’s claim that Johnson was “on Putin’s side.”

Sullivan said that this would be good for Putin. “The truth is that Putin benefits every day that Ukraine doesn’t get the help it needs, and Ukraine loses.” A large group of people from both parties in the House are ready to vote for this bill if it is brought to the floor.

However, the choice to bring it to the floor rests with one person, Speaker Johnson, and history will be watching,” Sullivan said. In that case, it will pass and give Ukraine what it needs to do well. He also said, “If he doesn’t, we won’t be able to give Ukraine the tools it needs to stand up to Russia, and Putin will be the biggest winner.”

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Putin ‘Significant Beneficiary’ if Speaker Johnson Loses Ukraine Assistance Vote, Says Biden Aide!

The White House has criticized House Republicans for not wanting to pass a bill that would give Ukraine help, even though the Senate supports it unanimously. A bipartisan border deal was presented by the Senate earlier this month. It included funds for Ukraine, Israel, and allies in the Indo-Pacific region, but Johnson said it was dead on arrival.

Later, the Senate passed a bill that included money for both Ukraine and Israel. However, Johnson turned down the deal because it didn’t include any border measures. Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate Democrats in New York, has asked Johnson to “do the right thing” and pass help for Ukraine.

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