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Pastor and Former Texas Judge Paul Pressler Are Accused of Sexually Abusing Men for Years!


CNS NewsPaul Pressler, a figure synonymous with the conservative resurgence within the Southern Baptist Convention and a notable Texas Republican, faces serious allegations of sexual misconduct. Multiple men, including some who were underage at the time of the alleged incidents, have accused Pressler of sexual assault or making unwanted advances.

These accusations have cast a shadow over Pressler’s legacy and raised questions about the broader issue of handling such allegations within influential religious and political circles. The legal and public scrutiny surrounding Pressler follows a lawsuit filed by Duane Rollins, who alleges repeated sexual assaults beginning in his adolescence.

The controversy surrounding Pressler not only brings to light individual allegations but also prompts a broader discussion about accountability and the mechanisms in place within organizations to address and prevent sexual misconduct.

Pastor and Former Texas Judge Paul Pressler Is Accused of Sexually Abusing Men for Years!

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As the situation unfolds, the responses from the Southern Baptist Convention and the political community to the allegations against Pressler will be closely watched, with implications for how similar cases might be addressed in the future.

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