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Ohio: The Chick-Fil- A Owner Drove Across Several States to Statutory Rape a 15-Year-Old Girl!


CNS NewsA Middle-Aged Chick-fil-It is said that a franchise owner drove through several states to rape a 15-year-old girl legally, but the girl’s parents caught him in the act. The Rowan County Sheriff said that Stacy Lee Austin, 49, was arrested and charged with statutory sex offense on Tuesday for having sex with the teen in her North Carolina home.

According to WBNS, a homeowner first called the police to report a break-in that was already happening. However, the crime turned out to be much worse. Someone in the house told the police that he found a man inside with their 15-year-old child when the police arrived.

According to the local station, Austin is said to have admitted to having sexual relations with the teen inside the home. His underwear and some of the teen’s clothes were found in a bathroom trashcan. The teen and he became friends after messaging each other on social media, and he drove from Ohio to North Carolina to meet her, according to deputies.

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Austin allegedly told police that he was afraid of losing his job as the owner of a Chick-fil-A franchise after he admitted to the crime. Jail records show that he is being held at the Rowan County Detention Center without bond.

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