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Re-Arrest of 23-Year-Old Woman After Release from Midtown Subway Cellist Attack!


CNS NewsAmira Hunter, a 23-year-old woman with a history of criminal offenses, finds herself back in custody following a recent arrest for alleged theft, shortly after being released on supervised release for her involvement in an assault on a subway cellist in Midtown.

Hunter’s criminal record, which includes eight prior arrests and two active bench warrants, did not deter Judge Marva Brown from granting her supervised release following the subway assault incident. Despite prosecutors’ requests for substantial bail amounts, Hunter was allowed to leave custody.

However, just days after her release, Hunter was apprehended for allegedly stealing a Moncler baseball cap valued at $235 from Nordstrom on West 57th Street. Authorities promptly charged her with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property, prompting a bail amount of $500, despite the prosecution’s request for $10,000.

Transit Chief Michael Kemper highlighted Hunter’s latest arrest as indicative of the city’s recidivism problem, emphasizing the need for effective measures to address repeat offenders. Hunter’s extensive criminal history, including prior arrests for assault and theft, underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement in curbing repeat offenses.

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Governor Kathy Hochul’s announcement of deploying New York National Guard troops and State Police troopers to enhance subway safety comes amid a surge in transit-related crimes. The decision reflects ongoing efforts to reassure commuters and address public safety concerns in the wake of escalating criminal activity within the transit system.

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