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Some Texas GOP Leaders Discovered a New Enemy: CEO of H‑E‑B Charles Butt!


CNS NewsIn a surprising turn of events, some leaders within the Texas GOP have set their sights on a new target: Charles Butt, the 86-year-old chairman of Texas’s beloved grocery chain, H-E-B. This weekend, party officials in four counties in East and Southeast Texas voted to condemn the “Democrat billionaire” for allegedly advocating for policies contrary to the Republican Party of Texas platform.

Among the accusations leveled against Butt are his advocacy against “election integrity,” his lobbying against empowering parents to choose the education that is best for their children, and his alleged sponsorship of “drag queen shows for children.” Additionally, Butt has been criticized for donating millions of dollars against conservatives who support a secure border in the Republican Primary election.

The Texas GOP’s platform, known for its ideological extremity, is a key factor in Butt’s targeting. Crafted every other year, the platform reflects the ideology of the GOP base, which consists of the right-wing 3 percent of Texans who decide Republican primary elections. While nonbinding, the platform is taken seriously by its authors and commands respect, if not fear, among elected officials.

What makes the criticism of Butt particularly noteworthy is that H-E-B, the grocery chain he chairs, is highly esteemed by Texans of all political persuasions. Known for its abundant, affordable food, generous treatment of employees, and nimble response to crises, H-E-B commands deep loyalty in the state.

Some have even suggested that the state would be better managed if H-E-B ran it. Critics of the Texas GOP’s targeting of Butt argue that it represents a departure from the party’s usual routine of condemning out-of-state billionaires like George Soros.

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Some Texas GOP Leaders Discovered a New Enemy: CEO of H‑E‑B Charles Butt!

Instead, the focus has shifted to a prominent Texas figure who has involved himself in politics. While both parties have their billionaires, the increasing involvement of the uber-wealthy in state and local politics raises concerns about the influence of great wealth on the democratic process.

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