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Trump Claims Democratic Party Supporters Are Jewry Who “Hate Israel” and “Their Religion”!


CNS NewsFormer President Donald J. Trump has reignited controversy by accusing Jews who vote for Democrats of hating their religion and Israel, echoing a claim he made during his presidency that Jewish Democrats were disloyal. Trump made these remarks during an interview with Sebastian Gorka, a former White House aide and current conservative talk radio host.

Trump’s comments came in response to criticism from prominent Democrats, including President Joe Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer, directed at Benjamin Netanyahu, the right-wing prime minister of Israel. Trump asserted that Democratic officials “hate Israel” because they seek votes from individuals sympathetic to Palestinians in Gaza.

According to Trump, any Jewish person who votes for Democrats “hates everything about Israel” and should be ashamed. He accused Democrats of prioritizing votes over their previous pro-Israel stance, citing Schumer as an example of someone who has become “very anti-Israel.”

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Trump Claims Democratic Party Supporters Are Jewry Who "Hate Israel" and "Their Religion"!

Trump’s campaign later reiterated his claims, stating that the Democratic Party “has turned into a full-blown anti-Israel, antisemitic, pro-terrorist cabal.” These remarks have drawn criticism from Jewish groups and reignited debates over loyalty and support for Israel within the Democratic Party.

In response to Trump’s comments, a Dominion spokesperson reiterated that any allegations of interference by Dominion employees in the 2020 election were false. Dominion is currently suing several pro-Trump figures, including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, for defamation over their election fraud claims.

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