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NY Hoarder Imprisoned 11 Starved Dogs and 2 kittens in Filthy Apartment with DJ Gear and Drugs: Police!


CNS NewsThe man in Queens kept 11 dogs and 2 cats locked up in “deplorable conditions” in his dirty home, which police said was full of drugs, stolen tools, and DJ gear. The NYPD searched Cory Elder’s home on Beach 44th Street in the Rockaways around 6 a.m. Monday and found animals, including at least one German Shepherd, that were severely undernourished and showing signs of “neglect and malnourishment,” according to officials and sources.

The elder was arrested. Heartbreaking pictures shared by the NYPD later Monday show a dog locked in a cage next to what looks like a puddle of urine and other trash, and another dog in a cage with tufts of fur all around it. The house also had heroin, fentanyl, stolen tools, and DJ gear that the police said they found.

Elder was caught and charged with illegally having a controlled drug, torturing, hurting, or not feeding an animal, illegally having stolen property, neglecting an animal that had been taken into custody, and driving a car while not licensed, police said. His trial wasn’t happening until Tuesday.

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A representative said that all of the animals were taken to the ASPCA to be checked out. A spokesman said, “Many of the animals were underweight, thirsty, and had dirty hair coats.” “The animals were taken right away to the ASPCA, where forensic veterinarians and behaviorists are doing exams and giving them much-needed medical care, behavioral treatment, and enrichment.”

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