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Texas Driver Arrested by OKBN with 162 Pounds of Marijuana and Tyre Spikes!


In a significant crackdown on interstate drug trafficking, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) agents apprehended a Texas man, Son Bui, found transporting an astounding 162 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. The arrest, which took place on Wednesday night on I-35 in Garvin County, highlights Oklahoma’s ongoing battle against its emerging status as a key supplier in the national black market marijuana trade.

According to Mark Woodward, spokesperson for OBN, the incident unfolded when the interdiction unit, working on the Oklahoma highways, noticed Bui’s reluctance to pull over. The agents quickly discerned the presence of marijuana due to its unmistakable odor emanating from the vehicle’s trunk.

This discovery led to the immediate arrest of Bui, who is believed to have purchased the marijuana in Oklahoma before attempting to transport it back to Texas. Woodward emphasized that the investigation is ongoing to determine the specific source of the purchase within Oklahoma. However, the arrest revealed more than just a large haul of illegal marijuana.

Texas Driver Arrested by OKBN with 162 Pounds of Marijuana and Tyre Spikes!

Agents also uncovered a set of tire spikes in Bui’s possession, a tool typically used to deflate the tires of pursuing vehicles. Woodward noted that this technique is commonly associated with drug cartels, particularly those operating out of Mexico, indicating a potential link between local traffickers and larger, more organized criminal networks.

This incident is reflective of a larger issue faced by Oklahoma. Woodward described the state’s highway system as “prime real estate for drug cartels,” underscoring the strategic challenges law enforcement faces in combating drug trafficking on these routes. The presence of tools like tire spikes further complicates the risks involved in such interdictions.

The OBN’s efforts in this case are part of a broader strategy to curb the flow of black-market marijuana through Oklahoma. Woodward stressed the importance of identifying and apprehending individuals involved in such activities to ensure the safety of the state’s citizens and disrupt the operations of drug cartels exploiting the state’s highway network.

Texas Driver Arrested by OKBN with 162 Pounds of Marijuana and Tyre Spikes!

This arrest serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing issues surrounding the trafficking of illegal substances through Oklahoma, highlighting the state’s pivotal role in the national drug trade and the continuous efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat it.

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