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The Topic of Trump’s Mental Illness Must Come Up in 2024!


CNS NewsDiscussion surrounding former President Donald Trump’s mental health has resurfaced, with many pointing to his behavior as indicative of serious mental illness. Trump has been characterized as a pathological liar and a textbook example of malignant narcissism, raising concerns about his fitness for office.

Despite calls for a closer examination of his mental state, Trump’s mental health has remained a relatively taboo topic, especially compared to the scrutiny faced by President Joe Biden regarding his age. Experts argue that Trump’s behavior, including compulsive lying and narcissistic tendencies, warrants attention and should be part of the national conversation.

They emphasize the need for voters to be informed about candidates’ mental health, particularly those seeking the presidency. The American Psychiatric Association’s Goldwater Rule, which prohibits psychiatrists from offering professional opinions on the mental health of public figures without proper examination and authorization, has contributed to the lack of public discussion about Trump’s mental health.

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However, some argue that the potential consequences of allowing a mentally ill individual to hold the highest office in the country justify a departure from this rule. They urge mental health professionals to speak out and provide their expert opinions on Trump’s mental state.

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