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This Georgia Restaurant Is Famed for Billing $20 for A Live Band!


CNS NewsKatch Kitchen & Cocktails, a restaurant located in Tucker, Georgia, has garnered attention for its controversial practice of imposing a $20 “Live Band Entertainment Fee” on customers’ receipts. The fee, highlighted by a customer’s receipt shared on social media, has sparked debate over the fairness and transparency of such charges.

The receipt in question reveals a total bill of $293.00, inclusive of the $20 live band fee, along with additional charges for service and beverages. While some customers have expressed outrage at what they perceive as overbilling, others defend the practice, citing the restaurant’s appeal to a prestigious clientele willing to pay for quality entertainment.

The restaurant’s reputation and positive reviews on platforms like Yelp suggest a certain level of acceptance among its patrons regarding such fees. However, the viral nature of the incident has brought scrutiny to bear on Katch Kitchen & Cocktails’ pricing policies and the broader issue of consumer transparency.

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Ultimately, the debate surrounding the $20 live band fee raises questions about the balance between providing entertainment value and ensuring fair pricing practices in the restaurant industry.

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